Video: HBO releases a snippet from Game of Thrones “Beyond the Wall”


HBO, as per usual, has released a brief snippet from tonight’s all-new episode of Game of Thrones episode 706, “Beyond the Wall.”

Imagine being the King in the North and having to prepare your people for what you know is coming…the Night King and his army of the dead. Now imagine, again, as King in the North, deciding to lead an expedition north of the Wall, with a rag-tag group of warriors — most of whom don’t really like each other — all so you can capture a wight and bring it to your most hated enemy — who happens to be a church-bombing terrorist — in the desperate hope that she will join forces with you to stop this impending doom.

Sound like a good plan? No…no we don’t think so either. But that’s apparently what you do when you’re Jon Snow because he’s assembled his group and is heading straight toward the cold embrace of the Night King. What an idiot.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, “Beyond the Wall,” and from this brief look, you can see Jon’s plan is going swimmingly!

Jon Snow, I swear to the old gods and the new, if you get Ser Friendzone killed before he’s had a chance to express his undying love to Daenerys one more time, then I will cross the Wall myself and kill you, again, myself. Good thing Thoros is there, too, because I’m going to need him to resurrect you once I Olly you right in the chest.

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On a serious note, that is a sh*t load of zombies just flooding into this little-frozen lake Jon and the A-hole Team have stranded themselves on. Let’s hope they don’t crack under the pressure because they are on thin ice with the Night King. Sorry, I’m so sorry.