Video: Jon faces a White Walker on Game of Thrones “Beyond the Wall”


Jon Snow shattered another White Walker’s hopes of killing the King in the North on Game of Thrones episode 706, “Beyond the Wall.”

And by shattered, we literally mean shattered. Once again, Jon Snow has proven that he is the best fighter in Westeros. In fact, he now has two White Walker kills under his belt. Samwell Tarly and Meera Reed each have one, as the only known people in Westeros to kill a White Walker.

Let’s set the scene: Jon and the A-hole Team trick an unsuspecting White Walker and his troupe of undead minions into a kill zone. The White Walker pokes at a fire intentionally left unattended by the wight hunters, and that’s when Jon and his men attack. Check it out:

Well, that went better than Jon probably hoped for. Who knew the wights were all connected to an individual White Walker? Come on Game of Thrones, you just don’t introduce new rules into the game at this late date.

I can only imagine all the wights that fell to pieces once their White Walker was killed by Jon, looking up from their piles of bones, rattling angrily at Larry the wight who forgot to update to the latest nkOS (Night King Operating System).

What an asshole Larry is. While the rest of his pals were waiting in line to upload the latest patch, Larry was off counting how much hair he had left on his rotting head. Now, thanks to that jackass Larry, Jon Snow has proof of the army of the dead.

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Great job, Larry. You’re a real jerk.