Video: The Lannisters reunite in the trailer for the Game of Thrones season 7 finale


It’s all come down to this: The Game of Thrones season 7 finale will air this Sunday and we’re completely inconsolable.

Seven episodes for season 7. When this season kicked off in July, I had convinced myself that the seven episode slate was going to fit perfectly with the seventh season. And now, as we stare down the barrel of the season 7 finale, all I can do is curl up into the fetal position, cry myself to sleep, and dream about the three episodes we’ll never get.

Oh well, it’s not like we didn’t know this was coming. This trailer does show a pretty epic reunion between Tyrion and his hateful sister Cersei, as well as Jon and Jaime Lannister who exchanged words all the way back in season 1 before Jon left for the Wall.

Anyway, check out the epic preview trailer for this Sunday’s Game of Thrones season 7 finale, and try not to feel too sad about the fact that we won’t have Thrones in our lives for another year…or more.

Okay, so as finale previews go, that was pretty freaking badass. Grey Worm and the Unsullied made it out of Casterly Rock alive and now with the Dothraki, they surround the walls of King’s Landing.

Jaime is very worried because he’s seen what those Dothraki can do.

Sansa is looking pensive on the walls of Winterfell, and she’s wearing this gorgeous dark cloak like she’s trying to be incognito. Hmmm.

Tyrion, Varys and Theon arrive via ship and are greeted by Euron Greyjoy’s blockade. We wonder if Yara is there with him.

Finally, the big names fill the dragon pit where the Targaryen’s once housed their dragons, and we can’t help but wonder where our favorite Targaryen and her dragons are. Dany doesn’t show up in one single shot of this finale trailer.

Oh, you know she’s going to make a grand entrance when she does show up, just you wait and see.

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The Game of Thrones season 7 finale will air on Sunday night at 8 PM CT across all HBO platforms.