5 WTF Moments from Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall

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This week’s episode of Game of Thrones — the penultimate episode of season 7 — ‘Beyond The Wall’ was absolutely mind-boggling crazy, filled with beyond-the-wall stupidity (we are looking at you, The Hound), creepy and gross faces hidden in bags under beds and the biggest (literally) death scene yet, as we went past the Wall and entered into the world of the wights, others and undead with the magnificent seven during their (silly) journey to capture a wight.

Here is our breakdown of the biggest WTF moments from last night’s show-stopping episode:

1. Scary Snow Bears

Honestly, forget the dragons. One of the biggest WTF moments from Sunday night’s episode was when this super-creepy undead/other snow bear came charging towards the episode’s first expendable character and scared the daylights out of everyone.

We knew the White Walkers had the power to change babies into blue-eyed ice monsters, but we had no idea they could change animals too. This is a big game-changer and foreshadowing for what happens at the end of this episode with Viserion’s tragic death.

2. When Our Heroes Ended Up in This Situation

So the plan was fairly stupid and ill-thought out, to begin with — go beyond the wall and snatch up a wight without any of the other wights noticing, with seven important characters. It was a totally flawed plan and we knew it was never going to work.

But we didn’t think the wights were going to go as far as starving out their enemies in an icy grave. This was a smart move by the wights — they seemed to know that Dany and her dragons were coming (when did the Night King start carrying a surplus of ice javelins around?), the wights could have easily created some sort of bony body bridge if they really wanted to kill Jon and Co., but since they patiently waited (for what we assume a couple of days for super-runner Gendry’s message to arrive at Dragonstone), we had a feeling the Night King was waiting for the perfect moment to strike, in order to gain a dragon as a prize.

And it worked. Score 1 giant undead dragon for the bad guys.

3. The Hound and His Stupid Rocks

The Hound has become what he despises the most in the episode – a ” stupid cu**”  with is rock throwing.

Sure it was pretty darn hilarious at first when The Hound chucked that rock at the first wight and knocked off his jaw, but when he threw the second rock that landed right on the now frozen ice, he showed the not-so-bright dead men that they could easily cross the frozen water now.

Nice job, Hound. Considering this, and the fact he totally let Thoros get mauled by a bear earlier, it wasn’t the best episode for him.