Will CLEGANEBOWL happen on the Game of Thrones season 7 finale?


The two central figures in the most anticipated event in Game of Thrones history will be mere feet from each other, so will it happen?

Tonight, two very large and very angry men with a grudge against each other will be standing a few feet apart and if the Old Gods and the New are good, then we might finally get the long-awaited CLEGANEBOWL!

A Brief history: Before Sandor Clegane became the fearsome Hound that we know and love today, he was a wee lad, playing with his older brother’s toys. That older brother was Gregor Clegane, who late became the Mountain.

When young Gregor learned that his little brother Sandor was playing with his toys, Gregor did what any older brother would do in that situation. He

sat down and played with him

pushed his face into a fire melting his skin and horribly scarring him for life.

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For many years now, Game of Thrones fans have been playing to the Seven for a reunion of these two brothers, the long-awaited, fan-prophesied, CLEGANEBOWL. Here’s a helpful video, explaining exactly what you’re in for, in case you didn’t know:

As you can see, we almost were treated to a full-on CLEGANEBOWL in season 1, when the Hound jumped in o save Ser Loras Tyrell from his brother’s wrath. Alas, fat, stinking-drunk King Robert cut that joyous occasion short, and we were left unfulfilled. But will it finally happen tonight?

The Hound will be returning to King’s Landing for the first time since he abandoned his post during the Battle of the Blackwater. And, he’s bringing a wight with him to prove the threat of the Night King is, in fact, real.

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Guess who else will be there? That’s right, the Mountain. We already know the Hound has a temper, and if Cersei sees the man formerly tasked with protecting her son Joffrey, she may loose the Mountain onto his brother. Should that happen…sound the air-horns, folks, and jump aboard the Hype Train, because we’re getting CLEGANEBOWL!