Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “The Dragon and the Wolf”?

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3. Dolorous Edd – 65%

We haven’t seen Dolorous Edd, the latest Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch since the premiere episode of the season. Presumably, Edd has remained at Castle Black, manning the post he was elected to due to lack of any better options. That doesn’t mean Edd isn’t a capable commander, but he can’t possibly be prepared for what’s coming.

We’ve seen more of the Night King and his army than any other season of Game of Thrones, and it doesn’t appear we’ve seen the last of him either. What evidence do we have of that? Peruse if you will, the track listing for the season 7 soundtrack. Track number 23, “The Army of the Dead” has yet to air in any episode this season, meaning we’re getting one more appearance from the Night King.

The Night King and his army are heading for the Wall, and whether it’s at Eastwatch or Castle Black, Edd and the Night’s Watch will be on the front lines. And if giants and innumerable undead wights weren’t enough, the Night King now has a damn dragon. Things are looking very bad for Edd and the Night’s Watch. He might just find himself the last Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.