The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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13. Bran comes home

Though there isn’t much to say about Bran since Bran is now a fortune cookie in action, this might be a shorter one. But we had to include his arrival back in Winterfell! Bran and Meera come to the door, looking for Lady Stark. When Sansa sees her brother, she can’t believe it. Honestly, a lot of us couldn’t believe Bran made it back to Winterfell. He survived being North of the Wall, the three eyed raven, and he even got a hair cut!

Sansa takes him down to the Godswood where Sansa admits that he’s the true Lord of Winterfell. But since he became the three-eyed raven, he’s not allowed to take on any titles. Confused, Sansa asks what he means. He answers with thoughts on how beautiful she looked on her wedding night to Ramsay Bolton.

  1. Weird. Don’t be looking in on your sister during her wedding night! Especially if she wasn’t consenting!
  2. Why are we all so obsessed about who Sansa did or didn’t have sex with. We all have a lot more things to worry about, like, for instance, where Bran got his hair cut. 

Sansa, who is obviously very confused, leaves the Godswood, hoping to God that Bran isn’t crazy because she certainly doesn’t need that in her life right now.

Even though this scene is filled with awkwardness, it’s the awkward family moments that are the true family moments, right?