The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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14. The Second Queen’s Justice

If this isn’t the MOMENT OF MOMENTS in season seven, then I don’t know what is. Everyone bow down because this is the moment of all. We’ve been through six episodes in this season, and I still consider this the best moment.

Jaime goes to Highgarden all ~*~high and ~*~mighty because he has poison to kill Olenna. Before doing so, like all villains in stories, he explains his evil plan. They led the Targaryen army astray (*gasp*!) and Casterly Rock has no real value now (NO!), and that he knows Euron would be destroying the fleet attacking Casterly Rock. Meanwhile, the Lannister army will watch from afar, when they were thought to be guarding, something Jaime learned from Robb Stark.

They talk for a bit about Jamie’s life and his decision, because who better to share your life problems with the woman you’re about to end? Olenna tells Jaime that Cersei will be the end of him.

Knowing that this is her end, she sees that he pours two glasses of wine, one has to be poison. She asks if there’s going to be pain, and he promises that there is no pain, no suffering from this poison.

Olenna nods, saying it was awful the way Joffrey dies. She admits that she was the one that put the poison in the drink, but she never wanted him to suffer so much, but she’d never seen the poison work before.

Oh, Queen of Thorns. You truly earned your title.