The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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16. Meera says goodbye to Bran

I always feel really bad for Meera, because she’s lost so much since this all began. She lost her brother, Jojen, and she still went on, working with Bran to get him to be the three-eyed-raven. When she comes in after Littlefinger leaves and sees Bran in a wheelchair, she realizes she isn’t needed anymore.

She says it’s time for her to come home to the Neck since he doesn’t need her help. Bran only nods, before looking out the window again. Finally, we see Meera feel the anger that she’s been holding in all this time. The anger for the loss of Hodor, Summer the dire-wolf, and Jojen. How could Bran just sit there and not care?

It was a great moment that brought a little bit of dimension to a two-dimensional character. It also shows that while everyone else is tip toeing around him, Meera won’t. She’s been with him for too much to care how he feels about what she says. In fact, I wish Meera had stayed to knock some sense into Bran. Maybe she could have stopped him from talking in Chinese food cookie fortunes.

As much as Meera wasn’t a huge character, it was still a loss of a great character and one that had the potential to be even greater as the show went on.