The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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17. Arya returns to Winterfell

After a long awaited return, many “almosts” and “just missed ’ems,” Arya finally rides up to Winterfell. However, she wasn’t greeted with love and affection by people she’s known all her life, she’s met with two (slightly annoying) guards who tell her she can’t be let in. She asks for Lady Stark and says that if she is who she says she is, Sansa would be very upset that she wasn’t allowed in.

She was told to sit while the guards figured out what to do, which was really the two of them fighting over who wanted to get Sansa. Because Arya’s part ninja by now, leaves the two guards, heading down to the crypt.

When the guards try to explain to Sansa what happened, and how she was asking for a Rodrick or a Luwin. Of course, these were the men who used to work at Winterfell before the Boltons took over. Sansa knew it was actually Arya and where the first place she would go would be.

She finds Arya in the crypts, looking at Ned’s statue. They talk about how it looks nothing like him, and “how everyone in the world who knew his face is dead”. They also have a small talk about who killed Joffrey, and that’s when Arya reveals her list of names. Names of people she’s going to kill. It takes Sansa off guard, but she doesn’t quite believe her sister.

Which leads us to…