The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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21. Drogon: ATTAAAAAACK!

Was I mentioning famous scenes? Because this will be the most famous scene in probably all of Game of Thrones. After hearing that the Lannisters and the Greyjoys completely ruined the battle plan for Casterly Rock, Daenerys decides to take the Dothraki and one of her Dragons and attack them at Highgarden where they were getting food and paying off debt with Tyrell’s gold.

As Jamie and Bronn were celebrating and Jamie hands Bronn a large pile of silver for his work, Bronn all of the sudden hears thunder. The Thunder of 100,000 Dothraki ready to kill as many Lannisters as they can. Bronn wants Jamie to go, but Jamie says they’ll survive if they hold their own.

This is all fine and well, until Daenerys comes in, riding on the back of Drogon. With the simple command of Dracarys, Drogon begins blowing fire and essentially killing multiple parts of the Lannister army, including anything they had collected. Daenerys turns to obliterating men side by side, just trying to fight as much of the army as she could.

Eventually, they use Qyburn’s tool to try to take out Drogon, which does put a bolt into Drogon, but it doesn’t stop him. Eventually, he flies down so Dany can take it out, and that’s when Jamie decides to make what could be the stupidest move in all of his career.