The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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22. Jamie almost dies

Seeing Daenerys on the ground, and in a pretty open field, Jamie decides to charge at her with his sword. Tyrion, who’s watching the battle from far away, mutters “run, you idiot.”, but Jamie has never been one to run away from a challenge. He sees Dany’s a potential target, and he’s going to take the shot.

Unfortunately, what he doesn’t see is the huge dragon leaning over Dany, who is paying attention. As Jaime gets closer, Drogon shields his mother from the fire before letting spewing fire at Jamie. At the end of Spoils of War, we don’t know who’s alive and who’s dead. At the very last second, someone pushes Jamie into the water, and we see him sink.

Going onto the next episode, it does turn out that Bronn, the person who pushed him, and Jamie are safe. Jamie realizes just how powerful Dany and her dragons are, and that they’re in extreme danger if they don’t figure out a way to neutralize her.

And how is he gonna tell Cersei?