The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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23. Burning Up the Tarlys

Besides the fact that I now have the old Jonas Brothers’ song Burning Up in my head, this was a scene that definitely showed Dany’s impulsivity. After she’s beaten the Lannister army down to crumbles and soot, she asks who will bend the knee.

Many fighters are quick to do so, especially as Dany talks about how she wants to break the wheel of power, which Cersei is against. She offers them a choice: bend the knee or die. Almost no one is standing by the end of her speech, except for the Tarlys: Randyll and his son, Dickon. To make a show for the rest of the men still standing, she makes a show out of the Tarlys.

Tyrion tries to intervene, saying they only just became a Lannister fighter, but the Tarlys say they are here for their queen – Cersei. While Tyrion tries to get Dany to let them sit in a cell or sent to the Wall. Randyll Tarly refuses that punishment, as she is not his queen. With no other option, Daenerys plans to set the father on fire.

Dickon, his son, speaks up and says she must kill the both of them, though that would be the end of their household. Dany does not care, and both men are burned to death by Drogon.

*It is important to note here that this is the Tarly household as in, Samwell Tarly. If the show decides to, they could easily have Sam be next in line for Lord Tarly. However, he was stripped of all titles when he joined the Night’s Watch.