The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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26. Something’s happening at Winterfell

In Behind the Wall, the disdain between the two sisters comes to a crescendo when Arya presents a letter that Littlefinger had. It was the letter that Sansa wrote to Robb in season one trying to get him bend the knee for Joffrey. Sansa tries to explain that she was “forced” to write the letter.

Arya says that she saw Sansa at the execution and she did nothing to stop it. Sansa finally says that she always tried to come home while Arya traveled the world for her pursuit. Sansa tried to tell Arya that this is exactly what Cersei would want. Arya doesn’t hear it and asks what the Northerners would say if they saw this, especially Lyanna Mormont, who is younger than Sansa was then.

Later, Sansa is digging through Arya’s things, trying to find the letter, presumably. Instead, she finds the faces that Arya has. She explains where she got them and asks if Sansa truly believes Jon is the right King.  The way Arya acts is curious, and for a minute, you think she’s going to hurt Sansa when she pulls out her dagger, but then she leaves it for Sansa.

Is it a sign saying to kill someone else? Or that Sansa’s in danger?