The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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27. Tormund and The Hound

While walking behind the wall, Tormund and the Hound are talking about sex (as men do), and he expressions his infatuation for Brienne of Tarth. He says that she’s nearly as tall as The Hound, and talks about having “monstrous” babies with her. When The Hound realizes who he’s talking about, he’s shocked that someone would find Brienne so appealing.

Tormund is just shocked that someone knows of Brienne, and asks what kind of guys she likes, specifically if she likes “ginger guys.” It’s a great scene that takes place in an otherwise serious episode because it’s just like a regular conversation.

They wouldn’t have to be North of the Wall to have this conversation — Tormund’s infatuation with Brienne has been pretty obvious since the beginning of the season. He’s often watched her win at fighting with Podrick and calling Podrick a lucky man. It just goes to show that the wildlings don’t change, they don’t find anything North of the Wall more exciting than having sex.