The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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29. Benjen saves Jon’s life, and Jon bends the knee

While most of the Suicide Squad are scrambling to get up on the dragon to fly away, Jon tries to fight his way to the Night King, which would kill every Wight. This is said to be a direct parallel to what Jaime tried to do to Daenerys at the Battle at Highgarden.

Jon tries to blend in with all of the White Walkers, but he gets caught. Before he could get killed, his Uncle Benjen, who hasn’t seen Jon since the first season, rides up on horseback. He gives Jon his horse, and allows the White Walkers to “kill him.” It isn’t sure whether or not Benjen will come back as a White Walker, or if he can’t because he was already partly dead.

Jon wakes up in a boat, with Dany by his side. He calls her Dany, and she replies that only her brother, Viserys called her that, and he would not be in good company. Jon takes a breath, and looks at her, and asks if he can call her his queen. It might be a cheesy couple of moments, but if you didn’t say “aww” at least once, you have no heart.