The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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31. Jamie finally stands up

For a minute in Game of Thrones, it looked like everything had been sorted. Cersei was going to cooperate, they were going to put a hold on The War of Five Kingdoms (until GRRM can write another book) to focus on the Great War. Perfect!

But things never are as they look, and while Jamie is busy working with his men to figure out a way North, Cersei excuses them. She explains that she never planned to help Daenerys and Jon. Jamie says they have no Army even if the Great War is won or lost, but Cersei has a plan. She worked with Euron Greyjoy behind Jamie’s back and found mercenaries to use as an army in Essos.

When Jamie says he intends to honor his pledge ride North, Cersei says that counts as Treason. He tells her to kill him then, and the Mountain draws his sword. However, Cersei never kills Jamie.

It is a question though, if now that Jamie has chosen to leave to help the Northern Army if she will see him as a traitor and no longer part of the Lannister house at all. This could be a huge crack the Lannister rule on the Iron Throne, even if Euron Greyjoy joins her as his queen.