The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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32. Littlefinger’s death

All season we’ve watched Littlefinger play the girls against each other, to the point where many of us were confused. How do two sisters go from wanting to see each other, back to the antics of when they were children? Arya alluding to death in front of Sansa, and handing her the dagger? Sansa truly believing Arya was capable of such things?

And then, we started to see Littlefinger starting to be a catalyst in the background. When he helped save Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton, he was immediately in Sansa’s debt. He let her linger and feel beholden to him, up to the very end. Even in the last episode, we were lead to believe that she was using his council to help figure out what Arya was doing.

I reality, it was so much better. Sansa spent all that time learning how Littlefinger works, and they also got Bran to use his warg powers. The three of them together were able to convict him of the murder of Lysa Arryn and conspiring to kill Ned Stark, among other treasons. In the end, Arya got to scratch one name off her list: Littlefinger.