The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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The scene we were all waiting for

It has been a season of fans trying desperately not to give in to the incest-shipping ways of the Targaryens. Most are still firmly on their old #TeamDead ships, where the other person died, but it looked like D&D were not gonna miss the chance. I don’t honestly know if Jonerys was planned, or the actors just had such great chemistry, but I found myself wanting them to get together All. Season.

And many people ended up being with me. When Daenerys tells Jon about the woman who killed her baby, he offers her hope that maybe her womb still works, and she could have a child. Later in the episode, we see Jon sneak into her bedroom, followed by a scene that was super steamy in the few minutes they showed.

Were they trying for an alliance baby, or just for fun? I support this 100% either way. But…will Dany feel so hot when she finds out the man she just slept with is her nephew who has a better claim to the throne?

Uhhh…Mozel Tav?