The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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3. Euron Promises a Gift

With the Freys gone, the Lannisters are looking for a new ally. Cersei’s decided to hear out Euron Greyjoy, the man who overthrew the Greyjoy household. He comes to Kings Landing with a plan that involves capturing Yara, Theon, and even Tyrion. However, whether Jamie is just jealous of someone trying to get Cersei’s hand in marriage, or just flat out doesn’t trust Euron, he voices his concerns outright.

Euron comes back with the fact that he loved seeing Jamie cut down his own people, and how wonderful it was to see. It seems like Euron will do anything at this point to show that he is not backing down at this opportunity.

Finally, Cersei declines Euron’s proposal because of his ability to weed out his allies as he sees fit at the time. (I mean, think about it, he just killed his own brother for the crown of the Iron Born!) Still not deterred, Euron says he understands. She needs a gift to know that he’s “serious.” So instead, he promises to bring back a gift for Cersei — one that will allow her to know that he is serious about his proposal.

He’ll be back.