The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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4. Citadel montage

Ah, the Citadel montage. This will absolutely go down in Game of Thrones history as the most disgusting, yet funniest bit D&D has ever put together. At the end of last season, it seemed like everything was on the up and up for Sam, now that he could finally be a Maester. This season, we see what a Maester-in-Training actually has to do every day.

And it’s not fun. The montage of Sam starts with him cleaning out bed pans (to be sensitive), to making sure books were put back in the right place, to dishing out dinner. And repeat. And repeat again. It gets to the point where I’m never sure what’s a bed pan and what he’s dishing out to be eaten if I’m very honest.

Yes, it’s definitely not something that we would expect from Game of Thrones. It was disgusting but funny. And also a good way of showing Sam that just because he made it to where he’s always wanted to be — it’s not gonna be a good time. He’s still going to have to pay his dues and work up the ladder, just like at the Night’s Watch and everywhere else he’s been.