The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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8. Healing Jorah

One of the saddest things that happened to Jorah Mormont was getting touched by something with Greyscale. He was able to keep it at bay, long enough to see Daenerys, who then commanded him to get better. The prognosis looked grim for Jorah, by all the Maesters at the Citadel. He was kept locked away, in a room where no one could touch him.

While normally, people who have greyscale are sent to live with Stone Men, the very people who gave him the greyscale in the first place. They offer him one more night at the Citadel, most likely to kill himself. However, Sam has a different idea. Maybe it’s because of all the grunt work he’s been doing, but Sam finds a way to treat greyscale that worked twice — except it’s banned because the man who invented it died from greyscale. Welp.

Despite the odds not being great, Sam decides to go ahead with the plan to try to help Jorah anyway. He explains to Jorah that he served under Jeor Mormont and that he wasn’t about to let Jorah die. Even though the act of removing greyscale seems incredibly simple to us — simply scraping it off — it must be incredibly painful as Sam gives Jorah multiple things to bite into.