5 WTF Moments: Game of Thrones ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’

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3. Jaime Leaves King’s Landing

Poor Jaime, just like everyone else, was duped by Cersei’s pledge to fight alongside Jon and Dany in the fight against the dead. He was so excited to be planning the expedition North and to be doing something actually helpful, it was even more heartbreaking to see his reaction to everything falling apart around him, yet again.

One of the more shocking moments though came from Cersei’s command to the Mountain to cut Jaime down. Of course, Jaime doesn’t believe her and walks away unscathed, so it’s unsure if Cersei actually commanded the Mountain to kill Jaime or not.

Either way, Jaime got out of there and we are thankful that he’s finally heading North to team up with the good guys where he belongs.

4. Rhaegar and Lyanna’s Love Story

We finally got to see one of the most important characters on screen — Rhaegar Targaryen — and boy does he look a lot like his annoying little brother Viserys.

Besides that fact, it was a sweet moment to finally learn that Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually in love with each other and that Robert’s Rebellion was based on a lie. What’s even more shocking is the realization that two people falling in love caused such problems for the future of Westeros.

We hope a similar fate doesn’t befall Jon and Dany, but considering it’s Game of Thrones, it wouldn’t be surprising.

5. The Wall Comes Crashing Down

Once we witnessed Dany’s dragon turn into an undead ice dragon, it wasn’t surprising to see said dragon bring down the wall so the Night King’s army of the dead could pass through.

What we weren’t expecting was the dragon to be so damn fast and so damn scary. That first shot of the dragon swooping through the air letting out its icy blue flame was startling, to say the least, and it certainly caused Tormund to get the hell out of Eastwatch.

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It was a glorious final scene, one of the best and most ominous endings for Game of Thrones yet and it’s going to be tough waiting for the final 6-episode season to air on HBO sometime in 2018 or 2019.