‘Preacher’ getting a third season on AMC


While AMC hasn’t officially announced a renewal yet, it looks like the sacrilegious and controversial comic book adaptation Preacher is getting a third season on AMC.

CBR.com reported that AMC is gearing up to start production on the third season of the series about a Texas preacher who has set out to find God after the Almighty departed Heaven and went missing. The site also reported that Preacher Season 3 would continue filming in New Orleans.

Nola.com initially reported back in July that AMC had filed paperwork to film Preacher Season 3 in New Orleans and the filing indicates that official filming of the series will start on Jan. 5, 2018. The actual storyline moved from Texas to Louisiana this season and all the episodes since the third of the season took place in and around New Orleans.

It also makes sense that the third season of Preacher would continue filming in New Orleans as well. The most recent episode, “Backdoors” finally introduced the character of Marie L’Angell, the maternal grandmother of Jesse Custer. In the comics, she might be the evilest character in the series, and it seems that next season will revolve around Jesse’s relationship with her and childhood tragedies that have haunted him since.

It is nice to see another season, especially with the controversy surrounding the show so far. Already in Season 2, Jesus had very enthusiastic sexual relations right before the crucifixion, three men sodomized the head of the world’s largest religious organization, and Adolf Hitler showed up as the most sympathetic character in Hell.

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With season three almost surely coming to AMC, there are still two episodes remaining of Season 2, with Jesse about to come face-to-face once again with The Saint of Killers and Eugene trying to find his way out of Hell. Stay tuned here at showsnob.com for recap every week of Preacher Season 2 and all the news about the upcoming Season 3.