The Walking Dead continues to hilariously tweet about Game of Thrones


The Walking Dead Twitter account has been tweeting about Game of Thrones for a while and the season 7 finale brought out some of its best tweets.

If you took to Twitter during the Game of Thrones season 7 finale to express your emotional distress and anxiety over the army of the dead pouring through the crumbled gap in the Wall, you weren’t alone, as the official The Walking Dead Twitter account joined in the fun as well.

The Walking Dead kicked things off earlier in the season when it tweeted about the wights attacking Jon Snow’s group in “Beyond the Wall.”

Also, walkers don’t get reanimated by an all-powerful Night King…so there’s that.

The situation hilariously escalated when The Walking Dead tweeted out a link comparing characters from its show to characters from Game of Thrones.

As you can imagine, the debate quickly became heated with a line in the social media sand being drawn between each fandom. Finally, TWD had to get in a hot take regarding Viserion and his attack on the Wall.

No, let’s not add dragons to The Walking Dead, because then Rick and his group of not-so-merry survivors would just stay indoors for an entire season while they came up with a plan to scavenge for food while avoiding a zombie-dragon probably mounted by Negan…because, well, Negan.

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All we need now is for the Game of Thrones Twitter account to start tweeting back at The Walking Dead, and then we’d have a true feud. Well, an entertaining one, at least.

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