5 WTF Moments from American Horror Story: Cult Premiere

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3.  Kai’s Disturbing Speech

We have to say that Kai’s character left quite an impression on us when in the opening scene when he started humping the TV and rubbing Cheetos on his face after Donald Trump’s victory, but things got even more bizarre when the blue-haired psychopath (is it early enough to call him that?) walked in the town courthouse in the middle of a vote on whether or not to beef up security at the Jewish Community Center.

Kai, of course, thinks it would be best if they just let the hooligans blow it up by frankly stating, “We need to let them blow it up!”

He then went on into a wild speech about the town leaders should use fear in order to gain power. Here are some of the memorable quotes:

"“Fear will release them from their desires and their ambitions and their bullshit needs, and then they will come running to us like children in a feverish nightmare and the chosen few who are not afraid of the seas and the heights and the beasts of the world will return at the head of the evolutionary table to shepherd the weak into the chosen promised land of truth and freedom.” “There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man.”"

We think that Kai is someone Ally and Ivy need to watch out for, especially after he allowed a group of, what we are assuming, Spanish Americans beat him up after throwing a pee bomb so he can use the video he took of them doing to deed against them.