Last Week Tonight has been renewed by HBO through 2020


In these trying times, it’s hard for anyone to think about what the world might look like 3 years from now. At least we know that Last Week Tonight will still be around in 2020 to give us a unique look at the news with its trademark wit and sarcasm.

HBO renewed the news satire show through 2020, ensuring that John Oliver will be around to cover our next presidential election. The show has been critically acclaimed since its start in 2014, winning 3 Emmy awards last year and garnering 8 nominations for 2017.

A press release from HBO featured high praise from the CEO of HBO, Casey Bloys:

"We are thrilled to have John Oliver as an integral part of the HBO family and to continue to share his comedic brilliance with the world. His extraordinary genius for rich and intelligent commentary is second to none."

Of course, Oliver offers a characteristically funny response:

"First: I firmly disagree with everything Casey just said. Second: We’re very grateful to Richard Plepler, Casey and everyone at HBO for letting us continue to do whatever it is we actually do. And finally: We’d also like to thank our staff for all their hard work. We’re incredibly proud of all of you, and rather than tell you that to your face, we’d like to do it in the cold, dispassionate form of a press release."

If you want to check out the show right this second, you can watch segments on YouTube, where the channel has collectively received over a billion views. No wonder it got renewed, right?

Otherwise, check out new episodes of Last Week Tonight Sunday nights on HBO.