30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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“I believe in Maggie”

The entire premise of the Walking Dead TV show through the first seven seasons is that everyone believes in Rick Grimes. However, there is something that happened in the comics that is being mirrored on the TV show. Maggie has moved on to Hilltop and she has started to make people believe in her. As mentioned earlier, there was the situation with Gregory betraying Maggie and everyone else, but Maggie is getting plenty of people on her side.

The comics have people saying that Maggie believes in Rick Grimes and they do too because they believe in Maggie. This is the season where Maggie truly becomes a leader at Hilltop and becomes the person that they need to lead them, much like Alexandria has Rick Grimes. The differences between Maggie and Rick is what will define the future of The Walking Dead.

19. Maggie vs. Gregory

The difference between Maggie and Rick is really shown through the character of Gregory. Rick Grimes has been changing and doesn’t necessarily believe in killing just to kill anymore. It was Rick killing everyone who was a danger to him that caused men like Glenn, Abraham, and more to die around him. However, while Rick does not kill, Maggie has a different outlook on things.

In the comics, not only does Gregory betray Maggie, but he tries to kill her. Rick doesn’t believe in killing so much anymore but Maggie is not above that. In the comics, Maggie hangs Gregory by his neck to make an example before telling people that they do not kill and this needs to end. However, Maggie kills in the comics and it is expected that Gregory meets a similar fate on the TV show as well.