30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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17. Carol and Ezekiel

It is interesting that Michonne took the place of Andrea as Rick Grimes’ lover on the TV show. In the comics, Rick has Andrea and considers Michonne one of his closest friends. With that said, it looks like Carol is taking Michonne’s’ place with Ezekiel possibly. Whether it remains Carol, or if Michonne leaves Rick, this is something that bears watching on the TV show. Ezekiel needs his romantic relationship – especially if Shiva does end up dying.

Fans of the comics know what happened to Ezekiel after the Great War – and they also know what happened to Michonne. Even if this is Carol in Michonne’s place, the relationship needs to move on and this will be hugely important leading into Season 9 of the AMC television series.

16. The Saviors turn (Dwight)

It was set up in Season 7 of The Walking Dead but, just like with The Governor, Negan’s people are not all on his side. The guy takes numerous wives and then puts an iron to the faces of the former husbands if they don’t like it. It almost seems impossible that the man who almost killed Daryl and then put an arrow through Olivia’s head, would be the man to lead the rebellion, but that is what is happening.

By the time the Great War ends, the Saviors will survive but with a new leader. It will be great to see Negan’s face when this ultimate betrayal finally happens. While these people are portrayed as villains, anyone who has followed The Walking Dead knows that most people are just doing what they need to survive. This war started because Rick and company were as barbaric as anyone in the Saviors group outside of Negan. Seeing them redeem themselves will be worth it in the end.

15. Inner Turmoil

Of course, the inner turmoil is not just in the Saviors camp. Gregory, as mentioned earlier, is not ready to give up his comfy leadership position at Hilltop. Almost everyone is on Rick’s side, but as was shown last season when Negan killed someone who wanted to betray Rick, not everyone can be trusted. That was proven clearly with the Scavengers in the Season 7 finale. This is a Great War and there will be betrayals and backstabbing and everything else you could wish for in a war. Things are about to get exciting on The Walking Dead.

Whether it is the Hilltop citizens, the now battle-tested members of Alexandria, the armored warriors from The Kingdom, or even the wildcards from the Scavengers and Oceanside, there are a lot of puzzle pieces to move around as the Great War is about to start. From the start, The Walking Dead has always been more interesting when we see people turning on each other rather than seeing zombies lumber around. That will continue to be the case, as the individuals involved in the battles are always more interesting than any war.