30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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Scavengers Are Out for Themselves

Speaking of The Scavengers, it came as a shock to everyone when they betrayed Rick Grimes and joined forces with Negan. However, don’t think for a minute that this story is over with. These people live by doing what they have to do to survive and they are not on Negan’s side – they are only on their own side. Season 8 will see twists and turns but one thing that should be expected is that The Scavengers are not to be trusted – by Rick or by Negan.

I also expect them to get wiped out completely in the Great War. These people seem to be set up to die and have very little reason to be respected or honored. They are here to betray the heroes and there is no reason that they should trust the Saviors either. The Scavengers are meant to be an example of what happens when you prove that no one can trust you. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Negan slaughter them after getting his weapons because they proved to be traitors.

13. Oceanside Stays Out of the Fight

As for Oceanside, this is another blurry area for fans of The Walking Dead comic books. Much like The Scavengers, they do not exist in the comics. However, they could be set up to carry out the role from after the Great War when it comes to where Michonne ends up (or Carol, if they follow through with my earlier prediction). Oceanside could be a great trade partner when the war ends, even if they don’t end up joining in the fight.

Interestingly, much like the Scavengers, they are not part of the comics and are used in a different way. The Scavengers proved to be untrustworthy and out for themselves. The Oceanside survivors proved that they are not fighters but they will do the right thing to help the good guys overcome evil. While the Scavengers will die – and likely in a very painful and humiliating way – the Oceanside group should live to prove to viewers that people who are inherently good will be rewarded in the new world. This also might be where Carol or Michonne ends up at when everything is said and done.