30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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Rick Uses the Walkers

There was a real lack of danger from The Walkers in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Without giving away too much here, Rick’s plan to attack Negan involves using The Walkers and it was a fantastic moment in the comic books. It also shows that The Walkers might be a danger but they can also be used as a weapon by smart warriors. Rick is one of the smartest fighters out there and if the TV show follows the comics, he will use The Walkers like we have never seen them used before.

Honestly, it should be very interesting if Rick uses the Walkers like he did in the comics. The Walking Dead television show already showed that Rick knows how to use the Walkers – but in the earlier episodes, he did it to veer them off the paths of Alexandria. In the Great War, he will do the opposite and move them into the lair of the enemy. It is ruthless, smart, and proves that the original threats of the TV show can now be used as weapons for the heroes who have learned that the real evil is the men who are still alive.

11. Negan changes Rick

Interestingly, Negan and Rick have a huge impact on each other. A lot of fans complained on social media about Negan being right on most occasions while Rick continued to make stupid decisions. In the comics, Negan just wanted everyone to live as they have been with him in charge. Rick refused and this caused the Great War. Rick was the aggressor and Negan was just frustrated by the instance on fighting.

By the end of the Great War – in the comics at least – Rick gets through to Negan. However, just when Rick gets through to Negan, he takes his last shot. Rick has changed and does not want to be like Negan. He wants to be better than Negan. On the same level, Negan wants to be more like Rick and the two of them are much more alike than either will admit. By the end of the war, both men are changed but neither will admit that they are two sides to the same coin.