30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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Carl Comes of Age

It is also time for Carl to finally step outside of Rick’s shadow. In the comics, he develops the relationship I mentioned earlier with Negan. He is also reaching the age where he can’t keep being considered the son of Rick Grimes. It is time for him to become Carl Grimes – his own man. He does that in the comics following the Great War and it will be nice to see him turn into the man he needs to be in Season 8 of The Walking Dead during the Great War.

Carl has a long way to go. It was just a few seasons ago that some fans were complaining online that it was time for Carl to die, as he was seen as a brat, who whined about everything and rebelled (like all teenagers do, but it was still annoying on a show about zombies). Carl still isn’t the best character yet but he is becoming a man and will soon get away from his dad and do what he needs to do to grow into what will – one day – be a great leader. That should really start to take form this season.