30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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Who will die?

So, the big question is – who will die in Season 8 of The Walking Dead?

The biggest bet will see Morgan die. Most of Ezekiel’s people will probably die as well. Gregory should die, if not during the Great War, then after the war ends. Daryl is always a bet to die and this might be the season that he finally goes out in a blaze of glory. Shiva is a good bet to die, although a lot of people think she might live through the actual war. Aaron might lose Eric in the war and become a warrior himself. Expect to see a lot of deaths on both the Saviors and Scavengers sides.

This is a war and there will be casualties.

8. Rick’s Injury

The trailer for The Walking Dead Season 8 had a lot of people misunderstanding the final moment. There was a shot of a cane and then of Rick Grimes with a long gray beard. Yes, this will take place after The Great War, but this is not a future utopia that everyone is living in. It is also not Rick waking up from a coma (that won’t ever happen).

This moment is after the Great War and there is a time jump but it isn’t as big as people act like it will be. Instead, this is the ramifications of the war between Negan and Rick and it will see both men needing a lot of time to recover. It is months – not years in the future and is just proof that the war has ended.

7. Rick Finally Takes Over Leadership

Rick has been reliant to take over leadership for a long time. Every time it seems that he is ready to take over as the leader, something happens to knock him back down again. It happened again in Season 7 and it made Rick very hard to support as Negan took control. However, by the end of The Great War, expect Rick to take complete leadership control – for better and worse.

You won’t see how – harsh – Rick can get as the leader until down the line, but Season 8 of The Walking Dead will see Rick Grimes become the leader that everyone knew he could be. That is actually a good thing for Negan.