30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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The Prison Life

One thing about The Walking Dead television fans is that they are bloodthirsty. Follow Twitter during any episode and you will see fans of the AMC show wishing death on anyone who even looks at Rick or Carol or Daryl in a funny way. With that said, there are a ton of fans of the TV show who have never touched the comics who are ready to see Negan die in horrible ways.

That won’t happen (or at least, it shouldn’t happen). You remember the prison cell I mentioned earlier that Morgan built? That is the home that Negan will have after the Great War. If Rick kills Negan – which most of his friends want to see happen – Rick believes that he will become just like Negan. To keep that from happening, it is time for Rick to bring the law back to the land and that means locking Negan up with a life sentence for his crimes – not killing Negan.

5. A New Utopia

When Rick recovers and goes out into Alexandria, we learn that Alexandria – and The Hilltop – are thriving communities with farms and land and a trade agreement – in peace. It was time for the world to work as partners and not in fear. This is where the hope for the future comes from and this is where the show will finally start to describe that future.

One of the best things about the outcome of the Great War is that the people of the Hilltop and Alexandria see Rick as their savior and the hero that saves them all. Rick changes and wants to develop the new world. Thanks to him finally taking responsibility for the leadership, Rick is able to build the sense of community and turns these two towns – and more – into thriving communities that work together to start to rebuild the world. The Great War brings devastation but it ends in a new utopia and a brave new world.

4. Glenn returns

With Negan in prison, there needs to be new hope for the future. That comes with the babies and the children of the new world. There has been a lot of belief that Steven Yeun is coming back for Season 8 of The Walking Dead and he won’t be back as a zombie or anything like that. Glenn will likely be back either in flashbacks or as hallucinations for Maggie as she sets out to become the leader of the Hilltop.

Even if it is just for a few episodes, it will be nice to see the fan favorite again. Of course, this can only happen in dreams and flashbacks. It has been done before with Shane, Merle, and a few others. It might be a nice treat for fans, but The Walking Dead can’t overdo the return of Glenn because Maggie needs to become the leader of The Hilltop and needs to do it on her own and not thanks to the visions of her dead husband.