30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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29. Is this the end for Daryl?

Every season, there are questions about whether or not Daryl will make it through the season alive. He was actually one of the characters that many believed would die at the hands of Negan at the start of Season 7. He not only lived but was taken by Negan to his camp and held hostage. For much of Season 7, Daryl seemed beaten and unable to continue on, mostly because he blamed himself for the death of Glenn, among others.

In Season 8, the questions are there once again. When the Great War starts, not everyone will survive. The fans of the comics know that there will be deaths and there was even the shocking death of Sasha to end Season 7. So, will Daryl die in Season 8? That is a question that still needs to be answered, but there will be huge moments for Daryl during the Great War and he should prove to everyone why he was, at one time, the most popular character on the show.

Daryl owes Negan for what he went through in the last season. Daryl also has a lot of atonement to face because of his own doubts and fears, especially with the deaths he blames himself for. If Daryl dies, there might not be a better time than during the Great War and his death would send fans into a rabid sense of revenge.