30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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The Great War

Of course, the one thing that fans will want to see more than almost anything in Season 8 of The Walking Dead is The Great War. What is impressive (although a little bit of overkill) is that there are many more pieces on the board on the TV show than there was in the comics. In the comics, it was Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom vs. The Saviors. On the TV show, there are the Scavengers and Oceanside added in, making there just that many more pieces to betray and turn on each other before all is said and done.

One of the best parts of this war is that Negan never wanted it but it was forced on him by Rick, who refused to live under the thumb of a madman who killed people to instill fear and obedience. This war is going to be huge and a lot of people will die but it should take a lot of the heel-dragging from Season 7 and just turn the volume all the way up to make Season 8 one of the most exciting of the entire series.