30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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Eugene’s coming of age

Gregory isn’t the only person to betray someone. In Season 7, it seemed apparent that Eugene had switched to Negan’s side in order to save his own butt. He has done everything he needed to do throughout the series to save his own life, so this comes as no surprise. However, Eugene also lost his closest protector in Abraham to Negan’s soldiers and there was something that happened in Season 7 that shows that not all is what it seems for Eugene.

Sasha’s death with the suicide pill was something that Eugene did to free her from Negan’s control. That is something that Negan will realize, sooner rather than later, that Eugene was responsible for. He knows how valuable Eugene is but I am almost certain that Eugene has every intention of betraying Negan and helping Rick and company in the huge upcoming war.

24. Rosita + Eugene

It is also about time that Eugene finally found a measure of happiness. In the comics, Eugene and Rosita finally – after a long time of ignoring their feelings – consummated. That might seem wrong to some fans but the two have been through so much and this could be the best possible scenario for each of them.

Rosita has made so many mistakes since Abraham died. She has done everything in the world to ruin Rick’s plans and should have died more than once. It is time for Rosita to calm down, stop sabotaging the situation, and it is time for her to finally hook up with Eugene, something that has built since they joined Abraham, to begin with. In the comics, she ends up pregnant. The world is growing and this could be another opportunity for that.