30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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Aaron Suffers a Loss

One of the more interesting, yet often overlooked, relationships on The Walking Dead is that of Aaron and Eric. While they are not the only gay couple on the TV show or in the comics, they were the first to openly share their relationship when they helped Daryl. Aaron was a scout and was an important part of Alexandria before Rick Grimes showed up. Since then, he and Eric have slightly been pushed to the back.

However, there is a moment in the comics that could replay itself on the TV show and that could make Aaron a very important part of the battle against Negan. There will be deaths in the Great War and one of those deaths might come to Eric. This would push Aaron over the edge and give Rick yet another man willing to die to protect their home.

22. Shiva’s fate

This is an area that could really bother a lot of Walking Dead fans. In the comics, The Governor gunned down Lori and Judith. In the TV show, Judith lived. Now, there is an animal that many fans have grown to love – Ezekiel’s beloved tiger Shiva. In the comics, Shiva died protecting Ezekiel – and died at the hands of the Walkers. There are some pretty big rumors that – despite the cost of CGI – the TV show might spare the tiger’s life for now.

Either way, Shiva will either live through to the end of Season 8 or she will die protecting Ezekiel. If the show wants to break down Ezekiel, this is the way to do it. However, there is always the chance that the Walking Dead TV show could spare this beloved animal the same way it has protected babies in the past.