Video: Watch “The Game Revealed” episodes 1-4 clips from Game of Thrones season 7


HBO is trying to make the Long Night between now and the season 8 premiere a little more tolerable by releasing snippets from its behind the scenes of Game of Thrones — The Game Revealed.

The Game Revealed offers an in-depth look behind the scenes of what went into making each episode of Game of Thrones season 7. Each episode can be seen on HBO NOW or HBO GO and, so far, there have been four episodes released.

The official Game of Thrones YouTube page often uploads snippets from each of those episodes, and we’ve gathered them here for you, so you don’t have to go beyond the Wall searching for a single one.

Episode one: “Dragontstone” is shown in its entirety. Check it out:

Episode two deals with “Stormborn,” and is broken into a couple of pieces. This one deals with the women in the war room at Dragonstone.

Here’s a video on Jorah being healed by Sam. This scene was intense for both fans and actors.

And here’s a piece on the climactic battle of that episode between the Greyjoy fleet.

Here’s episode three, “The Queen’s Justice.”

And here’s a piece on Cersei’s poisonous kiss of revenge on Tyene Sand, making Ellaria — her mother — watch.

In episode four, “The Spoils of War,” Arya and Brienne had an epic duel.

And here’s the full episode.

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These are great ways to enjoy Game of Thrones season 7, even though the season has gone. The Game Revealed episode 5 will air this Sunday, and you can watch it on HBO NOW.