The Walking Dead celebrates 100 episodes with an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot

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The combined groups of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom meet with the three leaders giving rousing speeches.

Rick and Daryl check the woods for….walkers?

Speaking of walkers, wow, this dude is gnarly.

And this dude is attached to an electrical pole. You can see the burns. Ew, gross.

Father Gabriel ducks behind a car, possibly hiding from Negan, or maybe walkers.

Maybe Gabriel is looking at Dwight at the Saviors compound?

Finally, we have a shot of Daryl, riding his motorcycle down the road, his signature crossbow attached to the back of the bike.

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These EW exclusive photos are amazing, and it makes us even more excited for The Walking Dead season 8, which premieres on AMC, October 22.