The Office Revival In The Works At NBC


After the success of the Will & Grace revival at NBC, the network is looking to bring back some more of its beloved sitcoms. It announced earlier in the year that there were a few options they were considering, but an official deal seems to be nearing for The Office. Fans of the long-running sitcom can rejoice at the possibility of the Dunder-Miflin gang soon returning for the 2018-2019 schedule.

However, there are a few qualifications, namely that Steve Carrell will not be reprising his role as Michael Scott. This is a little worrisome because of the massive landslide in quality the series suffered when he left the first time around.

Scott isn’t the only cast member who might not return; John Krasinski may have issues coming back full-time. Amazon is moving ahead with the Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, in which Krasisnki will play the lead. We don’t know if the streaming service would be amenable to its lead actor splitting his time between two shows, not to mention the good old-fashioned scheduling conflicts that could arise. And without Krakinski, it would be a challenge to bring back Jenna Fischer (Pam) without making us wonder what the couple is up to.

Which brings up the biggest question: Do fans want to see The Office without some of the main characters? Based on the social media reaction following the news of a possible revival, it seems like they’re still clamoring for anything they can get. With the financial success of the Will & Grace comeback, NBC is sure to capitalize on the growing popularity of revivals. However, the latter did manage to reunite the entire core four cast members, while The Office might be forced into becoming a mini-series with the opportunity for more episodes, like The X-Files.

More details are sure to trickle out as the deals are finalized, so stayed tuned for more information as the new year approaches.