Krypton teases Brainiac with photo and teaser video


Krypton is coming to SyFy next month, and the network just released a new photo of the villain from the series — Brainiac.

For comic book fans, the character of Brainiac is a massive addition to Krypton. First appearing in Action Comics #242 back in 1958, Brainiac is an alien cyborg and is one of the most powerful enemies of Superman. He will go from planet to planet and use his technology to shrink entire cities, place them in jars and add them to his collection.

One of the cities that Brainiac shrunk and collected was from Superman’s home planet of Krypton. It also happens to be the home of Supergirl — Kandor.

In the latest Krypton teaser for the upcoming SyFy series, DC Comics mastermind Geoff Johns and executive producer David S. Goyer, they are using the more recent version of Brainiac, with his iconic skull ship and his status as an ancient being. He is also going to continue to be the collector of worlds, so this is something Deg-El (Cameron Cuffe) will have to deal with if he wants to save his planet.

Brainiac has appeared before on screen. He was in the television series Smallville, portrayed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumni James Marsters and in the more recent animated movie Superman: Unbound, which adapted the classic Geoff Johns story.

SyFy also released this image of Brainiac for the upcoming season of Krypton. As it shows, this is a version of Brainiac unlike the comic books and emphasizes what Geoff Johns means by “ancient.” Blake Ritson portrays Brainiac on Krypton.

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The synopsis for Krypton also states that Brainiac is not the only familiar face that appears, as time-traveler Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) will also play a significant role in the SyFy TV show. Strange is an Earthling tasked with protecting Earth from alien threats, and it sounds like he is returning to Krypton to ensure its survival to safeguard a future that includes Superman.

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Krypton premieres on March 21 on SyFy.