Saul Goodman and Breaking Bad to be a focus at the ATX Television Festival


Saul Goodman got his start in Breaking Bad and the ATX Television Festival is going to showcase that.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the ATX Television Festival (June 7-10 in Austin, TX) will have a panel in honor of Breaking Bad’s 10th anniversary.

Vince Gilligan and Bob Odenkirk will be there to talk Saul Goodman’s introduction into the Breaking Bad universe. This will be kicked off with an airing of “Better Call Saul,” the season two episode that introduced us to Albuquerque’s most honest attorney.

Yes, it stinks having to wait for Better Call Saul to reignite with season 4 (this fall to be precise.) However, something like this (in tandem with the 10th anniversary) helps to whet the palette of the loyal fan base. Heck, this announcement reminds one of the greatness of Breaking Bad.

Events like episode screenings and panel discussions rev my fanboy engines even if I’m not attending. I’m not lying when I say I want to watch series all the way through and then tackle Better Call Saul again before the leaves start changing.

If you think about it, that particular episode didn’t just give us our first glimpse of Saul, but Jimmy too. Something that’s likable about Jimmy McGill is his ability to talk himself out of situations. Plus, the courage he manages to muster up when he’s staring down the barrel of a gun (blindfolded or not.)

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That first episode with Saul showcased all of that. He outsmarted Walter White, which puts his sly-talking ability on the level of Heisenberg’s meth-cooking ability. That’s impressive and Saul Goodman isn’t your stereotypical sleazeball lawyer.

Exactly why he got his own spin-off.