Ash vs. Evil Dead: Ash fights a baby while Pablo becomes El Brujo Especial

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Ash vs. Evil Dead’s fifth episode of its third season proves that the show is the best it has ever been.

Remember back to last week when Ash set out to finally kill Ruby and instead found a small demon-spawn child? Remember when Pablo became a Deaditte and took a bite out of Kelly’s leg? Remember how over the line the show has gone all season long?

Things are just getting started and there are no lines left anymore.

Brandy finally steps up and does something

Pablo wants to kill Kelly and Brandy because he has fallen under the control of the other side and has become a Deaditte. As last week’s episode showed, Pablo bit Kelly on the leg and now his face is there. However, he is also still outside the RV, trying to break his way in.

Pablo gets some great lines in this fight, as he tells Kelly that he wants to taste some more of her meat. Meanwhile, Brandy is still looking as worthless as she has all season long.

There is one problem with this part of the episode. Last week, Kelly explained that Ash bullet-proofed all the windows, which is why Pablo can’t break into the RV. However, this week, he jumps on the roof and comes in through the skylight. Why was that not bulletproofed too?

Regardless, that means Pablo is inside and while he attacks Brandy, Kelly has to deal with his face still coming out of her leg. Kelly get some insight when she stuffs a rag in the face’s mouth and it comes out the mouth of the real Pablo. When she realizes they are connected, she pours motor oil in the mouth in her leg and it causes Pablo to choke and stop attacking Brandy.

When Pablo comes for Kelly, she found what she thought was a hidden weapon (it was just a giant bong). She used it anyway, no no avail. Just as Pablo was about to kill her, Brandy came to save the day.

While Kelly was adamant that they not kill Pablo and try to save him instead, Brandy comes roaring into the bedroom with the Kandarian Dagger and plants it in Pablo’s shoulder. This sends him straight down and out, and both girls think he is dead.

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