The Terror premieres on AMC


AMC’s newest show, The Terror, delivers chills right out of the gate.

Based on the book by Dan Simmons, who is also an Executive Producer on the show, The Terror mixes horror with history. The British Royal Navy’s attempt to discover the northern passage, which was met with isolation.

The fear of starvation, hypothermia and polar bears wasn’t enough for Simmons, he needed another, unknown adversary to stalk the brave crew, fighting every moment not to lose hope.

The ship is lead by an all-star cast. The three Captains are played by British stage and screen veterans Jared Harris (The Davinci Code), Ciarán Hinds (There Will Be Blood), and  Tobias Menzies (Outlander), all with very different ideas of how to properly lead. However, it’s Ciarán Hinds character, Sir John Franklin, whose hubris leads to their downfall.

There’s a pervading feeling of unease as you get further and further into the first two episodes.

The cinematography is well done, helping the viewer sink into the story, and that sense of desolation that the characters and the true life explorers must have felt; a feeling of hope slipping away as the months drag by stuck in the arctic tundra.

The Terror is best watched in the dark with the A/C cranked down low, to get the full frightening feel, but even if you’re the type to turn on all the lights, you’re sure to feel a little shiver up your spine. 

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Check out this new series, airing Monday nights on AMC, and stop by for some interesting extras to tide you over until the new episode airs. 

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