Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Recap

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Santa Clarita Diet is back — and funnier than ever.

We are so thrilled Santa Clarita Diet is back — and for the record, even funnier and gorier than we saw during its first season.

Last season, Santa Clarita Diet left us with the mystery of what the future holds for the Hammond family. If you recall, Sheila was left tied up with chains in the basement to prevent her from acting on her “urges,” and Joel was shipped off to the psychiatric ward after trashing the principal’s house.

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Santa Clarita Diet season 2 begins exactly where season one left off and dives right into the heart of this season’s story — how did this happen to Sheila and what can be done to prevent her condition from worsening?

While many shows fall into a sophomore slump, Santa Clarita Diet has no issues continuing the hilarious, crude momentum of last season and left us wanting more by the end of season two. Now, let’s dive into the recaps, shall we?

No Family is Perfect

When the first episode begins, Joel is seen at the mental ward and has a roommate named Ron (Jonathan Slavin) who is quite unstable but somehow manages to click with Joel anyway. The reason for Ron’s behavior lies with the fact that his wife recently passed away. Because Joel is able to communicate and empathize with Ron, the ward releases him.

His first stop? To find Serbian bile for the serum Eric and Abby are working on. While Joel is busy trying to acquire the bile, Abby is attempting to find some on her own by perusing through the internet. Luck is on her side when a named Goran responds to her request. While she does obtain the bile, the creepy guy follows her home because he claims to have formed a connection with her.

After convincing Eric to let her out of the basement to find Abby, Sheila and Eric come home to find Goran trying to inch closer to Abby. Sheila’s zombie rage kicks in and Goran becomes her meal of the day as Sheila destroys him and the kitchen along with it. Joel comes home to see the kitchen in a bloody mess with body parts hanging all over the place.

However, Eric manages to create the serum which will keep Sheila from getting worse (thank goodness!). The family decides to chain up Sheila in the basement again as her rage is obviously not in her control. Joel and Abby can’t seem to accept their family’s fate and go down to sleep with Sheila in the basement.

During this episode, we also see more of the Rite-Aid girl, Ramona, who seems to be crushing hard on Eric as he is looking for cleaning supplies to clean up the ghastly kitchen mess. Little does he know, she is a zombie herself! What are her intentions towards Eric? And why is she so interested in Sheila? Read on to find out!