Hero Report: Arrow says goodbye to an original cast member

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Lucifer – “Orange is the New Maze” 

Maze gets a chance to shin in Lucifer in a surprisingly sad and poignant episode. Over these past few weeks, she’s been downright unlikeable as she cruelly acted out character. However, “Orange is the New Maze” touches upon the feelings of inadequacy she’s been suffering all season.

It opens up the character and allows for new storylines. In fact, it was hard not to root for her to get on the bus and try to rediscover who she wants to be by starting a new life. Unfortunately, Pierce manages to convince her to work alongside him to fulfill both of their goals.

Her desire is to just go back to Hell where she can resume torturing souls. Of course, this can never happen because Lucifer wants to continue living on Earth where he can be with Chloe. She finally calls him out on it when he attempts to make their conversation about his partner.

Maze always feels like she will always be second in everyone’s lives. It’s a moving and accurate scene that all of the people around her seem to care more about other issues. She wants to find someone who will finally put her first, or to just stop dealing with all of this emotional torture. Unfortunately, hitching her wagon to Pierce is bound to have some unforeseen consequences that will hurt down the line.

Hero Report Grade: B+

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Black Lightning – “Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption” 

In the beginning of Black Lightning, LaLa was such a laughable villain compared to Tobias. Now that the former is back, it’s amazing how much different he’s become. In fact, throughout “The Book of Redemption,” it didn’t even register until the end that Tobias hadn’t even appeared in the episode.

That isn’t a bad thing either, it just goes to show how accomplished the series already is at turning mildly interesting characters into compelling figures within Freeland.

While The 100 gang is definitely responsible for a lot of the crime in the city, the ASA appears to be the real problem. They’re snatching powered kids off the street and experimenting on them within abandoned warehouses.

Slowly they’re transforming from “government agency” to the kind of evil group that has abused its power. However, they do raise the stakes for all of the main protagonists.

If Jennifer isn’t careful with her abilities, then she could become the next victim to be grabbed. Especially now that Gambi is out of commission and the vice principal is revealed to be the new “spotter” for the organization.

Hero Report Grade: B+