Hero Report: Arrow says goodbye to an original cast member

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Riverdale – “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Noose Tightens” 

Riverdale hit series lows this week — something the show needs to keep in mind when developing next season. “The Noose Tightens” continues the tradition on the series that there are no lasting consequences to any actions. The Coopers previously hiding a body ultimately leads to no large punishment courtesy of a few knife-wielding teenagers.

Alice being the enemy of the Serpents is resolved by the episode’s end in time to give fans the ship they have been begging for. Cheryl’s forced stint in conversion therapy lasts only this episode after Veronica and Toni break her out. This show blows through storylines faster than any other series and it needs to take a second to slow down.

It’s hard to get invested in any of the fights throughout town knowing that they’ll ultimately be resolved within an episode or two. Betty still isn’t speaking to Veronica, but trailers and spoilers have already confirmed they’ll be back to being best friends during the musical. Josie discovers Cheryl was the one sending her threatening messages and pig’s hearts but again, they’ll be best pals during the musical.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising to see everyone forgive Archie for becoming the absolute worst this season in a matter of seconds. Right now, Mary Andrews is the only one in town with the guts to tell the truth and sadly it looks like she’s heading back to Chicago.

Hero Report Grade: B-

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Gotham – “A Dark Knight: One of My Three Soups”

Gotham was hard to grade this week because the episode bounced back and forth in terms of quality. Obviously, the part everyone was excited about was the return of Jerome. The series knows their audience well, and that everyone episode the maniacal criminal is in could be the official emergence of the Joker.

As per usual, Cameron Monaghan is terrific even when he’s being tortured via scalding soup. Pairing him up with Bruce and Selina only builds anticipation for the three to officially embrace their comic book destinies.

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What doesn’t work well is Tetch being the main bad guy throughout “One of My Three Soups”. He was a subpar villain when first introduced and he still is now. Most fans would gladly trade in Tetch’s rhymes to spend more time with Scarecrow or Jerome in this episode.

Speaking of the former, why is he in Arkham? The last time the audience saw him, he was running free through the streets of Gotham. Has the show just forgotten or were they hoping the viewers did? Luckily, fans should be distracted by some of this week’s flaws with the knowledge that Jerome will be back in the next episode.

Hero Report Grade: B-