Krypton S1E2 recap: The war against Brainiac begins

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Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy

Seg-El Meets his Grandfather again

Daron-Vex tells Seg-El that his grandfather was spouting nonsense about an alien that was coming to enslave their world. At that moment, Seg-El realizes that Adam Strange is telling the truth.

After Nyssa-Vex snuck Seg his parent’s ashes (which was against the law since they were traitors) he heads back to their home. He has a short meeting with a rankless woman and little girl who pay their condolences with a rock carving of the El symbol, and Seg heads back to the Fortress of Solitude.

While there he finds a control board and when he translates the words that it is connected by blood, he cuts his hand and lets it fall over the El symbol. At that moment, the machines kick on and his grandfather Val-El (Ian McElhinney) is back.

However,  much like Jor-El in the Superman movies, this is not Val-El but the holographic image with Val-El’s memories that can communicate with Seg-El. It turns out that Val-El knew that Seg was going to be his heir to the science realm and set this up to help him.

He admits that Brainiac is coming and they have to find a way to stop him.

In a great moment here, Val-El admits that he created the device that allowed him to travel to other dimensions in something he called — the Phantom Zone.

After this meeting, Seg-El goes back to Daron-Vex and says that he refuses to marry his daughter and refuses to take on the name Vex. He said that he would rather die rankless. When Daron was about to retort, the Voice of Rao came in and said that he approves it, and Seg will be ranked as part of the Science Guild without marriage.

The kicker here is that Daron-Vex knew about the ashes and was working with his daughter to win over Seg’s trust. The two seem to be working together to control Seg and the Voice of Rao even said that having him as just a member of the Science Guild will give them the control that they need.