What 2018 bubble shows are in danger of being canceled?

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Photo Credit: The CW

Life Sentence 

Lucy Hale might be a star in the making but Life Sentence isn’t going to be the show to be it. The CW show debuted to poor ratings and hasn’t been able to climb out of the hole since. It’s probably going to be one and done for yet another new show for the network. A few years ago The CW was on an upswing with quite a few risky but critically adored new shows.

Life Sentence feels like another single season show called No Tomorrow. Maybe if the series pulls in a lot of Netflix viewers it could convince the network to do a season two. Yet The CW has a lot of new pilots in the works so the future looks pretty dire for Life Sentence.

Verdict: Probably Cancelled 

Photo Credit: The CW


Unlike the other CW shows, iZombie has been around for a while. Like all of the other shows on the network, it has been hitting series lows throughout these past few episodes. This doesn’t mean much for The CW since the network prefers to renew shows that do well critically and have a passionate audience.

Chances are this zombie show isn’t quite dead yet and will get at least one more season. The CW always likes to give its long-running shows the chance for a decent conclusion. Not to mention, they added Sunday nights to their broadcast which paves the way for some of the lower rated but beloved shows to continue living.

Verdict: Probably Renewed